Metosa Pinacho

Pinacho is manufacturer of horizontal precision CNC and conventional lathes. We design, manufacture and provide quality new CNC and conventional lathes to the manufacturing industry.
Company was founded by Antonio Pinacho in 1946 in Spain and has grown to become a world-class supplier of CNC and conventional lathes, always produced top-quality lathes at affordable prices.
High accuracy, high quality, high efficiency machines, which guarantees the user outstanding precision performance. Innovation design, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality control.
The big human team has spent great efforts in the research and development of advanced lathes.
Each lathe is manufactured to the highest quality standards, with the highest versatility, providing the most competitive edge for parts machining.
Pinacho is one of the largest manufacturers of horizontal conventional and CNC lathes in Europe, manufacturing a complete line of models. Our machines start from 180 to 500 mm center height and 750 to 5000 mm center height.
Headquarters and factory in Spain has showroom and office space to accommodate a large variety of CNC and conventional lathes.


  • Conventional lathes.
  • CNC lathes.
  • Accessories.

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