MIGAL.CO. is manufacturer of high quality filler metals for MIG- and TIG-welding and active on all world markets. MIGAL.CO. International was founded in January 2000 located in Landau/Isar, Bavaria.
Wires from MIGAL.CO. have excellent wire-feeding characteristics due to a certain surface treatment during manufacturing. The surface is as clean as the rod which is used as the base material for wire drawing. This also reduces the formation of welding fumes and subsequently leads to a better working environment.
The central warehouse in Southern Germany stores more than 100 tons of MIGwires and TIG-rods.
Each wire or rod comes automatically with a certificate according to EN 10204-3.1 (chemical analysis without physical properties). The certificates are available for download by simply entering the batch number.
MIGAL.CO. is certified according to undefined ISO 9001 and besides of the extraordinary product quality also provides outstanding technical advice to its costumers.


  • Aluminum welding wires.
  • Copper welding and brazing wires.
  • Nickel welding wires.