SOITAAB, for many years, gets success in every continent, producing and distributing CNC cutting machines and band saws; the wide experience gained over years of interaction with his customers by meeting their requirement of efficiency, quality and accuracy, together to the wise use and development of consolidated and modern technologies, such as plasma, oxy­fuel, waterjet and laser, supported by advanced IT solutions and automation are the wining key to satisfy the more ambitious and complex systems and pruduction lines.
SOITAAB cares with extreme caution any aspect of the industrial chain, in respect of a production and know­how entirely made in Italy; the new modern factory in Milan area with a permanent exhibition and show room welcomes all domestic and international dealers and customers for any need of demonstration or cutting test. SOITAAB is an ISO 9001 certified company.


  • CNC plasma cutting machines.
  • CNC OXI fuel cutting machines.
  • CNC waterjet cutting machines.
  • CNC DUALINE cutting machines.